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The Domaine de Brunet

A wine estate in Hérault


The harmony between a land and men

Brunet is the story of the harmony between a land and men, who have been watching each other since the dawn of time, shaping and resisting each other, withstanding time and natural elements together.

According to archeology, the first traces of a sedentary lifestyle around Brunet dates back to 2000 BC. Hardly more numerous than the inhabitants at that time, the members of the Coulet family strive today to bring out the best of the place to which they belong.

  • Le Domaine du Mas brunet, ancien domaine viticole, Hérault (34)
  • Antoine Coulet, vigneron du Domaine de Brunet
Vignes du domaine de Brunet, AOC Terrasses du Larzac

The origins

The Coulet family settled in the Mas de Peires-Brunes, called Brunet, in the 18th century. As is often the case in Languedoc, the Mas lived on goat breeding, grew olive trees, some cereals, cherries and vine.

Antoine Coulet soon became aware of the uniqueness of his terroir and gradually converted the lands and the buildings to make wine the reason for being of the estate.

The Coulet family

Brunet's men

1996 - 2011

Pierre and Henri Coulet

At a time when the wine cooperatives were flourishing, the isolation of the Mas invited Pierre and Henri to keep vinifying themselves their grape into wine. Noting the growing interest of the locals and merchants for their wine, they were among the first in Languedoc to dare market it under their own name, and beyond the district borders.

Perfecting the reading of their terroir, they instilled a fundamentally winegrower and independent spirit into Brunet.

Marc et Serge Coulet, vignerons du Domaine de Brunet, Hérault (34)
2012 - Aujourd'hui

Serge and Marc Coulet

Winegrowers and qualified oenologists, Serge and Marc Coulet, with the help of their team, are aiming at bottling the most straightforward expression of an unspoilt place.

Loyal to the Mas in which they have always lived, they extend the reading of the terroir initiated by their parents and use the best modern techniques to carry on an endlessly repetitive tradition: the tradition of authentic wines of character.

From vine to wine

Vine work

The terroir Causse de la Selle is both shiny and well ventilated. Planted into the dolinas, the vine gives a naturally healthy harvest, which requires almost no intervention.

Serge Coulet grows the vine with patience and application, according to the rhythm of nature. The maturation of the grapes lasts till late September, creating a dialogue between the fresh autumn nights and the solar energy of summer.


Our cellar are centuries old, and each generation has been improving the winery facilities. Today, our wines are elaborated with pneumatic press, cooled tanks, and carefully selected French oak barrels.

They are slowly aged.

Assemblage des vins au Domaine de Brunet, Hérault
Embouteillage au Domaine de Brunet
Chais du Domaine de Brunet, AOC Terrasses du Larzac

Blending and botteling

Custodian of a century of harvests, and as many references on the character of the grape varieties and the soils, Marc Coulet vinifies each plot individually and then blends the cuvées to sublimate, year after year, the uniqueness of the terroir of Brunet.

The wines are estate-bottled and labelled with full autonomy, in the freshness of the ageing cellar of Brunet. Time can then complete the gift of the vine and the work of the winegrowers. The cuvées are only released when ready-to-drink, although many of them can still age beautifully in private cellars.

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Each cuvée has been estate grown, blended, bottled and aged to develop a unique personality.